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About me

Greetings, fellow loser with no friends. Live with my girlfriend (Lily), which usually freaks people out, but we're more like best mates that engage in intercourse whenever the other loses a bet. We do have our own language and handshake though so don't be weirded out. We like to get stoned and watch weird shit. I basically breath TV and film (and occasionally write about them). I love recommending people cool shit but more than that, I love to order food and marathon those things high or drunk as fuck. Preferably both. We don't want people to live under the same roof as ours, we want buddies to share stuff with. Oh, and you can't be too sensible or PC, we're edgy as fuck and nothing's off the limit. So yeah, think sitting on the couch smoking a joint and watching foreign psychedelic animations from the 60s, playing videogames or listening to us rant about how Game of Thrones sucks and HBO used to be better. I'm an asshole. She rocks. Either way, we have a 49 inch 4K TV and a surround sound system so you do have the incentive to tolerate us.

Maximum budget: £400/month

Ready to move in: Immediately

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  • London, United Kingdom