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About me

About me

I'm studying Maths and Philosophy at King's College London. Currently I live in student halls and am looking for a place for next year. I'm pretty flexible on the area as long as the commute to KCL strand campus isn't over 30 mins. I'm ready to start renting whenever but ideally I'd move in on August 1st. I'm interested in visual and literary arts, I'm obsessed with travelling and learning about other people's experiences. I'm friendly, easy going and respectful. Definitely down to hang out, help you with your girl problems or go to a film festival. I'd love for my room to have plenty of sunlight, a comfy bed and 3 bar wifi signal. Also plenty of storage space to fit all my thrifting cops. It's essential for the apartment to have a living room or some sort of a common space and it'd be lovely if it had a garden/balcony too.

Maximum budget: £700/month

Ready to move in: Immediately

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  • London
  • Central London