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About me

We haven't lived in London (yet) and I want to move to this amazing city to start a life, preferably doing what I love. I have a multitude of interests, ranging from TV to Literature, though I consider myself a huge geek when it comes to movies and videogames. Also, we love animation in general, but I have a fondness for 80's anime. As for me, I'm an editor and my dream is to work on film. As for her, she's a bit more reserved, initially, though once she gets comfortable with you, it's actually the opposite. She finds it easier to chat with people that share one of her interests: Star Wars, Game of Thrones and the like. She's a motion designer and highly creative visual artist as well as a huge geek as me. I'm not an introvert, and I enjoy socializing, though I find it easier to do so with people that I share something with: either interests, way of life or just casual conversations about pop culture. Flatsharing seems to be the way to go in London, and I've lived with people before. It was a great experience, though I mostly kept to myself (at that time). I always had this vision of flatsharing as in something along the lines of Friends or The Big Bang theory where people would get along and have fun together, but never got around to it since it isn't the norm where I come from.

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