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About me

About me

Hi, my name is Martina Šímová, but you can call me just Martina or Martina Joanne, which I'm using as a surname abroad ( not officially, just for the pronunciation ) I'm going to be 32 in October, I'm newly single after five years. I don't have any kids and not planning to have them, so I decided to move to London again, just by myself... to find my myself I guess. I'm social, friendly, love music, concerts and live events, I've graduated from Czech and English narrative writing,. I have a Cambridge CAE exams ahead of me in half of June here in Czech. I'm a Scorpio sign which means I'm friendly, cool, funny and insane at the same time. I'm a good person, but I'm really straight, always speaking the truth, no matter what, just like that how the things really are! But most of the people don't hear it as an advantage and then I'm probably taken as a bossy bi+ch., so I need to find flatmates with the same point of view as myself, to get along ;-) I don't mind smoking ( cigarettes or weed - your choice ), but I can't stand alcohol in a bigger measure, for personal reasons in my family and I don't drink a lot ( maybe once a year and I'm passed out after O,2 of the vine, lol ) Basicly I don't have nothing against the beer or bottle of vine two - three times a week at all, just don't want anyone who is up for bottle of vodka and spirits several times a week or month. The color of the skin doesn't matter to me,, I like everyone. I'm professional, but in a spare time I'm also a freelance travel blogger and manager and I'm co-working with booking.com. I don't know what else to say, if you will want to ask me on anything, go ahead ?? Martina ????

Maximum budget: £800/month

Ready to move in: 01-07-2018

Looking for a room in

  • South Hackney, London
  • Forest Gate, London