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About me

Hey, I've been traveling and volunteering for the last 18 months around Europe and north and south America. I'm now returning back to London to settle for a while and soak it all in. It's going to take some processing! Originally I'm from Edinburgh but prior to traveling I lived in London for 10 years. I studied art history and then went to art school to study contemporary jewellery. Before I left I subsidised my jewellery making with an office job. So working during the day and jewellery during the evening. I'm now looking to start my own health and wellness business which was in large part the original reason for going traveling. I wanted to work in wellness based organisations or those who could teach me something about land management or permacullture so I got some experience and skills to transfer over running my own place. I'm in the process of writing the business plan and getting everything i've learnt complied together so I can get this thing going. I'm in NYC at a buddhist centre as I write and returning to London on the 27th of July. Initially i'll be looking for another office job to pay the bills. I used to live in Hackney and I really like the area but I'd be happy to try West and North London which is in cycling distance of central London. I've lived and worked with people from all over the world, and I've become pretty laid back and open to getting to know people. I like my own space but I also like to be social on the weekends and get out to meet people and do things. I like people who are conscientious, inquisitive and friendly who may have also done long-term travel so they know where i'm coming at. I'd like to buddy up so that I can rent a whole property somewhere - seems to be cheaper this way and you get a nicer place. I'd really like a warehouse but I might be being too optimistic! One thing i'd mention though that might be important is that I really like a clean and comfortable space. A place to call home. So i guess the other people should be of a similar mind set - like no shoes on in the house type of people, a flat clean once a week kind of thing. Anyway, I've waffled enough. If you'd like some more hot waffle then get in touch and we can take it from there. Look forward to meeting you!

Maximum budget: £800/month

Ready to move in: Immediately

Looking for a room in

  • Hackney (London Borough), London
  • Islington (London Borough), London
  • Kensington and Chelsea (London Borough), London