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About me

About me

Hi I’m Tessa, I’m someone who can be as quiet and boring as I can be outgoing and funny I am always respectful of others if there is a problem with me just tell me. I’m an animal lover and vegetarian (going on vegan), would like to become an actress I’m passionate about acting and cinema. My favorite book is Harry Potter I’m kinda just a little bit obsessed with it. So I’m going to have to give you some shows and movies I love so you can see what kind of person I am; movies: The perks of being a wallflower/ Lalaland/ Colombia/ (obviously) Harry Potter/ Mamma Mia/ anything by Tim Burton/ any Disney movies (my favorite princess is Mulan and I also want to marry Aurora). There is just a few who comes to my mind but don’t worry I’ll annoy you by telling you about how great every movie I’ve watch is. Tv shows: Brooklyn 99/ shameless/ AHS/ Glee/ desperate housewives/ one day at a time/ Stranger things/ 13 RW/ game of thrones/ Friends... I am usually very kind but if you have any homophobic sexist or racist comments I’ll probably slap you in the face with a chair (you’re welcome) same if you do jokes about mental illness and disabilities. You see where I’m going. Kindness only.

Maximum budget: £600/month

Ready to move in: Immediately