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About me

I’ll be looking to move out next summer after finishing my social work degree. Where I move to depends on where I get a job! The good things about me as a housemate: - I am considerate: I won’t blast my music and will always ask if you need anything when I pop to the shops - I am organised: Have never missed a bill payment in my life! And am a tea fiend so will always make sure we have a stock :) - I am kind: Always happy to lend an ear if it is needed - I like exploring: I like finding out more about the area and community I live in (including finding the best pub quiz!) - I would be happy to live with animals; they are the best My ‘quirks’ as a housemate: - I like things to be clean and tidy; and sometimes enjoy cleaning!? So my problem in the past has been that I do a chore before other housemates get to it, and they feel like they don’t do their fair share of jobs. - I like coming in from work and having a bit of quiet time to decompress and give my mind some space - once I’ve done that, I’m all good - I’m happy to have people over, and do like to host! But I am a bit shy; so like to know in advance if possible

Maximum budget: £750/month

Ready to move in: 01-07-2019

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  • East London