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About me

Hi there! We are looking to take on the next step in our relationship, and that involves us moving in together! I'm Sam, 23 (blondie on the right) and my partner is Charles, 26 (cutie on the left). Both of us use he/him pronouns, we would appreciate respect with this. We would like to live in a queer-friendly home. It's not a must for us to have queer housemates, but we don't want to live with people who don't respect LGBT+ people. About Sam: I currently work full-time very close to Kemptown. I am a transgender man, unfortunately a lot of people view me as a cis woman! I am pansexual and panromantic. I don't think behaviours and clothing should be gendered, so please don't be confused about my huge love for make-up and pretty things! I daydream about travel on a frequent basis, and if I like you I'll probably try to persuade you to come travelling with me. I do like to drink, although I don't often drink heavily. I'm very happy to have a couple with housemates! I also smoke lightly, but I am more than happy to smoke outside, and basically prefer to (I don't smoke indoors at home). I am an incredibly sociable person and click with most people, so it is important to me that the people we live with are up for developing strong friendships! About Charles: While Charles is a cis man, he is of course dating me, though he doesn't tend to label himself as anything other than queer. The thing he is most passionate about is obviously me. But in all seriousness, he enjoys LARPing on occasion, and you'll quite often find him on his computer. He is also fantastic at cuddles. He drinks far less than I do (I don't think I've actually seen him drink since we've been together), and he does not smoke at all. So really, he would definitely appreciate it if smoking did not occur inside the property. About us: We love having a laugh together, and we often get each other into huge giggle fits. We'll minimise the noise as much as possible! We absolutely love pets, especially cats and dogs, so we would be very enthusiastic if we had another friend to fawn over! We are happy to help with looking after them as well when needed. You'll very often find us talking about Pokémon Go. At the moment, we're Team Purple (I'm Mystic and he's Valour), but I'm hoping to change over to Valour! Both of us have some mental health issues, so while we won't expect you to empathise, we would be very grateful if you could at least sympathise and respect us for this. This may mean from time to time that we keep to ourselves. As you've probably gathered, we don't just want to lodge somewhere. We want to create a home environment with good company. Ideally, we want to share a large double room as we've got an awful lot of stuff between us! I'd prefer to be in walking distance of work. At the moment from home it takes me 40 mins to walk to work. We want to have a fun, loving, friendly environment. We don't want it to really be parties every weekend.

Maximum budget: £800/month

Ready to move in: 06-11-2016

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  • Brighton, United Kingdom