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Pete (and Jonny) 39

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About me

About me

You will be living with Pete (33yrs, English) and Jonny (32yrs, English); we’re both creative and work freelancer hours. Pete is a photographer and when he is not shooting for work he is usually working on personal creative projects, he also likes computer games so we have plenty of consoles in the house, he also plays sport including tennis and golf and plays for a football team (but not your stereotypical ‘jock’ type footballer). Jonny is a clothing designer with a keen interest in 18th and 19th century fashion, often donning a suit he can usually be found customising clothing or even making them from scratch; he has an interest in 80’s new romantic era of music and also runs event nights as a DJ a few times a month . We both work in those creative fields but also pick up other work so our working hours are sporadic but mainly daytimes. We’re both pretty chilled often watching a film or playing a game in the evenings but also fine in our own spaces.

Maximum budget: £2500/month

Ready to move in: Immediately