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About me

I'm a PhD student at Royal Holloway and am looking for a room to rent that is commutable to Egham but easy to get to from London. Richmond, Kingston and Twickenham are top of my list but Hounslow, Isleworth, Whitton, Putney, Barnes, Clapham, Tooting etc would all be great. I'm looking to move into an existing houseshare, rather than lodge with a landlord - I love living in a sociable house with communal dinners and shared cuppas. I'm queer (poly and bi) so would like to live with people who are cool with that. I'm very laid back as a flatmate - I'm quite tidy myself but don't really mind if the house isn't perfect. I go cycling and walking quite a bit and spend a lot of weekends visiting friends in other cities so might not be around a lot, but am quite sociable so would like to hang out with flatmates when I am in. I'm not fussy at all about the room - small single is fine if it means I save a bit of money.

Maximum budget: £650/month

Ready to move in: Immediately

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  • London, United Kingdom