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About me

Hey! I'm a 23 year old Bulgarian girl who just moved to London! I'm very friendly, very social and would love to make my roommates friends. However if that's not your forte - I'll respect your privacy. I was a film major before I realized that even though I love cinema - it's not what I'm meant to do. I'm a hardworking person and I like having different jobs where I can learn new things. Being a Bulgarian I started partying at an early age and now, at 23 I can say that the wild party phase is behind me (but I don't mind the occasional get together yo). I'm vegan, but I don't expect my roommates to be vegan/vegetarian. Still, it would be great to have vegan pals in the house so we can share recipes. I'm looking for a house that's okay with having a person from a different country. I'm very pro mixing cultures and being open and welcoming to people from various backgrounds so ideally my roommates will be like that as well. I love music, I'll share my premium Spotify account with you, I'll lend you my books, I'll help you out however I can. Living with someone is a very intimate thing so I want everyone to be happy with the situation in the house. :)

Maximum budget: £450/month

Ready to move in: 20-01-2019

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