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I'm a native Londoner (brought up in Hampstead) who has ventured south of the river - I promise it's not that scary guys, haha! I work in Publishing as a PA, study Fashion Illustration on the side and am also trained as a make-up artist so do freelance work from time to time. I'm quite a 'girly girl' who loves a nice clean, tidy space and enjoys baking brownies (mine are the best in the world... just saying!), going for walks, reading brilliant novels, buying shoes, photographing for- and curating my Instagram (which I probably take a bit too seriously...), and drinking really good coffee(!!). I'm super chatty and friendly, and I could definitely talk your ear off about the latest season of TOWIE or the finer points of the Harry Potter novels, but I also keep myself to myself and really enjoy my quiet downtime at home around my busy London schedule.