Get Living Purpose Built Flats

Get Living

Get Living. Do More.

Belong in a great space. Save time every day, so have you more choice to do the things that matter. That’s the Get Living promise.

We create award-winning neighbourhoods in brilliant locations, each one full of life and with its own character and energy. It’s what we’ve done since 2014, changing the way people rent and live as we go.

From the first contact, you deal exclusively with us, keeping everything simple and clear. You’ll find our dedicated team on site, looking after the neighbourhood and you, with smart technology and a human touch.

Isn’t it time for you to Get Living?

Get more as standard

Transparent and flexible contracts

You make the choices that suit you

Communal spaces for everyone

Cyclists, sunset watchers, runners, jumpers and outdoor lovers, we make spaces for everyone..

Essentials for suppers, dinners for lovers, pints after work, cocktail shakers and flat white makers, we love making it local.

Go to the gym, push on outdoors, relax with some yoga, take in some theatre, see it on the big screen or catch up with the neighbours – we know about making time count.

Choice of design styles and layouts

Reflect who you are and what you love, we make homes designed around you.

Design that stands out and quality that stands-up, we make homes for life in the city.

Enabled not cabled, ready not waiting, latest and fastest, we make homes to take advantage of tech.

Introducing our brand new buddy up feature

Interested in a 2 bedroom flat but need to find a great flatmate? We have you covered!

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