London’s found a new way of living and this is why you need to get involved

Think the price of living in London with a rooftop, swimming pool, private gym and cinema would be astronomical, maybe even outrageous and just plain unachievable for someone on your budget?

Think again.

There’s a new craze sweeping London and yes, it does involve living like Pablo Escobar, minus the criminal offences and jail time. Gorgeous ‘co-living’ apartments are popping up all over London and not only does it mean your average Joe will be able to afford somewhere with a swimming pool and spa, despite only inheriting a toothbrush and an aloof cat from his uncle, but it’s also revolutionising the way we live our day-to-day lives.

In a city where you get a dirty look and a restraining order for saying ‘hi’, it’s hard to believe that this trend means London is becoming a little more – dare I say it – sociable. As a hectic city with little time for forming friendships in the midst of being crushed on the central line, co-living gives Londoners the opportunity to actually speak to people in a scenario other than shouting at them to move down the carriage of the train.

Not convinced co-living is for you? Wait until you find out the top reasons why you should see what all the hype is about:

Social shenanigans

We all know that after a busy day, sometimes all you want to do is wrap up in your duvet like a burrito and wolf down a whole packet of biscuits, with strictly NO witnesses of this monstrosity. Co-living doesn’t seek to take away from all-important ‘me’ time and don’t even THINK about putting the biscuit tin down, but instead, when your latest series has left you with Netflix-shaped holes in your eyes, co-living opens up a world of social opportunity.

Rooftop yoga, cinema evenings and Friday night drinks are just some of the events which are regularly hosted in co-living spaces, such as The Assembly. Not only does that mean you’ll never fall short of exciting activities to do, but the evidence shows that making social connections is key to our mental wellbeing. It’s a great opportunity for people who are moving to London alone to meet new people and bond in what can be considered a lonely city.

Co-living space: The Assembly

Never-ending networking

Co-living is particularly popular amongst artists, writers and those with impeccable creative minds, as most co-living spaces have designated workspaces (see Essential Living). This not only means that you won’t be alone in your room, going mad and banging your head against your bedroom wall as you chase up your fourth invoice of the day, but you’ll be with a whole group of people who are going equally mad. Banging your head against the wall with friends is much more fun.

Shared space at Essential Living

Living somewhere with a workspace also opens up a heap of work opportunities. Who knows how many successful careers are going to connect and grow together from your very own living room. Bouncing off fellow creatives may also be helpful in times of need (aka the devil which is writer’s block).

Billionaire-lifestyle goodies

No list of perks about co-living would be complete without mentioning the very perks themselves. No doubt that the majority of people grow up thinking they could never afford to live somewhere with a swimming pool, gym and spa as if they were one of the Kardashians. Co-living opens up this well-deserved opportunity for the masses so move out the way Kim because we want a swimming pool too.

With a cinema, spa, swimming pool, gym and Friday drinks, our favourite pick for the perks is The Collective.

Swimming pool at The Collective, Canary Wharf

Hassle-free bills like the good old days

Remember when the word ‘bill’ brought to mind a popular police television programme and not an agonising, confusing dread-inducing piece of paper which robs you of your hard-earned cash and makes you spend an hour on hold listening to a crappy Coldplay song? Well, forget that tedious life because co-living spaces such as Tipi include utilities in the cost of your rent and that also means you won’t have to deal with accidentally burdening your housemates with the world’s worst wifi, but get superfast broadband instead.

No more living with leaks

That all too familiar scenario where your landlord doesn’t respond to your texts as your house slowly but surely crumbles to pieces will be a distant memory when relaxing in your hole-less, leak-less co-living apartment. The majority of co-living spaces have a full-time concierge to make sure all your problems are fixed without any of the ‘I’ll sort it when I’m back from the holiday you paid for’ hassle. Places such as Way of Life are also great at ensuring the building is secure with a security guard and CCTV so feeling safe is just another perk in your lavish lifestyle.

Household luxuries, exciting events and the opportunity to defy the absolutely atrocious current London rental situation – what’s not to love?

Warning: This new friendly lifestyle has yet to reach the tube and you will still risk social suicide and a night in jail for saying ‘hello’ to a stranger.