How to Share a Bathroom With Flatmates and Stay Sane

Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who manage to bag a flat where everyone has an en-suite, chances are you have to share a bathroom with at least one other person.

People often make a fuss out of having to share a bathroom, but you’d probably share at home with your family. This isn’t really any different!

There are some things you have to consider when you’re sharing a bathroom with other adults who also have jobs, study, social lives and schedules that are just as busy and important as your own.

Work out your schedules

Clock radio

It’s not hard, guys. Just have a quick chat and check the work schedules of the people you’re sharing with.

There’s nothing worse than waking up late for work, and finding out your flatmate is having the longest, steamiest shower while reciting the whole Hairspray soundtrack.

If your flatmate starts work at 8 and you start work at 9, let them have the early shower – it just makes sense. By the same token, if you know you’ve got a big date or job interview, just let them know you might need the bathroom a bit longer so they can accommodate.

Keep your toiletries to yourself

It’s pretty disgusting to have a bathroom with toothbrushes lying around in puddles of week-old toothpaste, empty shampoo bottles lining the walls and whole make-up bags emptied on the counter.

Make sure everyone has their own designated space for storing their toiletries, and don’t keep more than necessary in the bathroom.

Toothbrushes, shampoos and body washes are pretty much essential for the bathroom, but things like make-up and hair styling products can easily be kept in your bedroom.

On that note, it’s a good idea to buy a mirror for your room so you can do things like your hair and make-up in your own space, and avoid taking up the bathroom for too long!

Clean regularly

Clean Bathroom

As with anything, it’s much easier to clean little and often than having to do a huge deep clean that takes up your whole day after several months of negligence.

Especially if you’re living somewhere with hard water, where limescale easily builds up, it’s essential to clean at least weekly to keep on top of things.

It doesn’t have to take longer than 15 minutes to have a quick clean of the surfaces, sink, bath/shower and toilet, getting rid of any grime and limescale. You can share this load with your flatmates too: take it in turns once a week and you might only have to clean once or twice a month!

Get some air freshener


Don’t think there’s much more to be said on this one 💩

Cut others some slack

Best laid plans often go awry and all that. Just because you’ve got a neat schedule and you know your designated toilet time doesn’t mean life’s emergencies don’t happen.

If your flatmate’s in a massive rush and leaves their boxers on the floor one morning, or forgets to clean one weekend where they’ve got a lot on, don’t get too mad.

Obviously if they’re repeatedly discourteous and leaving things in a state you’ll need to have a word, but sometimes just picking up the slack is better than causing an argument.


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