The Ultimate Cleaning Rota Template

Abandoned glasses scattered around the house, dust bunnies in every nook and cranny, and even the odd – dare I say it – MOUSE! It’s not what you pictured before you moved in, but this hell hole – uh hum – I mean, house, is not a far cry from reality when you live in a flatshare without a cleaning rota. So it’s time to get on your rubber gloves Cinderella because we have a cleaning checklist, tips and tricks as well as the ULTIMATE cleaning rota which might just blow your socks off (just make sure you pick them up after).

Do I need a cleaning rota?

The answer is a resounding yes. Whether you’re looking to move into a new flat or searching for a new flatmate, a cleaning rota is sure to minimise the chances of having a dust bunny epidemic. Your cleaning rota doesn’t have to rival that of Marie Kondo (the cleaning queen), it can simply be a weekly timesheet which labels each housemate’s job every day of the week (see our free printable cleaning schedule template).

If you’re worried your housemates won’t stick to it then break each day down into easily manageable tasks. Here’s our residential cleaning checklist to help you decide what to include:

    • Sweep the floor
    • Mop the floor
    • Wipe down the surfaces
    • Ensure all washing up is complete
    • Throw away any old food from the fridge
    • Clean the fridge
    • Put dry dishes and cutlery etc away
    • Tidy any items that don’t belong in the kitchen
    • Clean the oven
    • Clean the hobs
    • Wash the microwave
    • Wipe down the kitchen table
    • Clean tea towels in the washing machine
    • Clean the sink
    • Clean the toilet
    • Throw away empty bottles of soap/ shampoo etc.
    • Scrub the bath
    • Wipe the shower door
    • Clean bath mat in the washing machine
    • Mop the floor
    • Hoover the carpet
    • Tidy away any items
    • Plump the cushions
    • Hoover/ mop the floors
    • Make the bed
    • Tidy away any items
    • Wash, dry and replace the bedding
    • Wash and dry any dirty clothes
    • Hoover/ mop the floor
    • Clear away any objects
    • Put shoes on the shoe rack

Don’t forget to add in any extra cleaning tasks which are specific to your house (e.g. if Harry the house hamster needs his cage cleaned, don’t forget about him).

What do I do if I have a messy housemate?

As fun as house-sharing is (especially when you find an incredible new house to live in), it’s not so fun when you have a messy housemate who seems more afraid of cleaning than spiders. One of the best ways to get them involved is by buying the right cleaning products so minimal effort is involved in making your house look spick and span.

Not only do handy cleaning products mean you’ll avoid spending hours of your life tirelessly scrubbing to no avail, your housemate will be far more tempted to lift the dustbin and brush. Why not make use of all the cool, quirky gadgets of modern life before the robots take over the planet? Our favourite cleaning gadgets are the three-in-one cleaner and the spray mop, which will cut down your cleaning time so that you have more time for pizza and Netflix (the more important things in life). 

If you’re looking for a new flatmate and would rather avoid the dust bunny fiasco all together, then find great flatmates here.

Cleaning hacks

Is the problem with your messy housemate still persisting? Show them these cleaning hacks so they have no excuses!

  • Let your microwave clean itself: This doesn’t mean have a stern word with your dirty, disobedient microwave, but instead, put a bowl of water with vinegar or lemon juice in a microwaveable plate and let it heat for a few minutes. After letting it sit, give the microwave a wipe down and you’ll find last week’s curry mops straight off.
  • Don’t go potty about the state of your pans: Pots and pans can get their shine back with a bit of lemon juice back to save the day again. Let the pans soak in water and lemon juice to see them glisten.
  • Stop wine-ing about those stains: Spilt your wine on the carpet? Blot (don’t rub) to remove excess liquid then after pouring some cold water on it, throw salt over the stain instantly and leave it for a few minutes. Salt is a surprising lover of wine, and will absorb it.

Can I professionally clean my house myself?

The majority of rental house contracts stipulate that the house must be cleaned to a professional standard at the end of your tenancy (some contracts might specifically require a professional to clean the house, so make sure you check this first). To maximise your chances of getting back your full deposit and leaving the house up to scratch, a weekly cleaning rota is essential. Use our house cleaning checklist to make sure every area of the house is covered and you don’t end up with a grand total of £0 back from your deposit.

Living in a flatshare is a lot of fun and finding new people to live with is exciting but remember, just because your new flatmate Sarah cracks great jokes, doesn’t mean she won’t leave her left-over sausage roll on the floor to spend a few weeks festering. Hit Sarah with our cleaning tips and tricks and don’t forget to stick the cleaning rota on her door.

Cleaning Rota Template:

Download this cleaning rota template here