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Stratford is a far cry from what it used to be, and is now full of many new buildings and places to eat and drink, making it a great up-and-coming residential area. Explore living in Stratford today with ideal flatmate.


East London • Stratford
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A few years ago most people would’ve been reticent to move to East London, but don’t be fooled, the area is not what it once used to be. The East end has been fully redeveloped and many new buildings have been constructed in recent years. With the £9 billion invested in Stratford in 2012 for the London Olympics, the area was changed forever. Even if there were some sceptics to start with, London’s reaction is now unanimous: it was really worth it! One of the outcomes of the Olympic Games were the 11,000 new homes leftover. In fact, the property value has risen by over 70% since 2005. This means of course that most of the properties in Stratford are new apartments located in very nice residential developments.

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