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North London • Camden Town
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Situated just north of Central London, Camden has the proud reputation of being the birthplace of the British punk scene, as well as home to a thriving alternative music, art and shopping scene. It’s hard to imagine that Camden only really became the place it is today in the 70’s, with before that, it being a fairly rundown industrial town.

If there’s any word to describe Camden, it’s colourful. The town is an explosion of colours, decorated shop fronts, bustling markets, painted houses and street art. There’s such a diverse community of talented artists and musicians, which shows in the explosive character of the town itself. And there’s so much choice for food. Just take a walk through Kerb Market, and you’ll see for yourself, the endless stalls offering the most delicious of food.

So if satisfying your stomach, or retail therapy is your thing, then Camden definitely has something to offer.

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