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South London • Clapham
£894 Average monthly rent Based on 15 properties in Clapham currently on ideal flatmate
Clapham Common Nearest transport link

Clapham is perfectly located between Battersea and Brixton, two equally great areas. Clapham has become extremely popular for its lively vibe which attracts young professionals from all over the world. It is divided in four areas: Clapham North, Clapham Old Town, Clapham South and Clapham Junction. Clapham North is the less gentrified area. It is cheaper and a good place for students and recent graduates. Clapham South is a little further out and is popular for families generally.  Clapham Old Town has many beautiful Victorian and Georgian terrace houses, very popular again for families and a bit pricier. And finally Clapham Junction, is the area close to all restaurants and bars. Families tend to find it a bit hectic but it would be the perfect place for students because of the atmosphere and young professionals as it also has good links to the city.

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