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South London • Brixton
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Brixton is one of the best areas in London. It generates the biggest buzz of anywhere south with an amazing music, arts and food scene. 

A true original, Brixton is in your face and makes no apologies for it. From the booming beats you can hear on the street to the smells of delicious food and visual feast of colours in the market, Brixton is gloriously alive. And you bet, there’s so much good food to be eaten. Take Brixton Village, the 1930s market arcade - home to enough restaurants to keep you fed for a year. There’s also a huge choice of venues to work up a hangover, with the nightlife scene exploding in recent years. And culture? They have that covered too.

People who live in Brixton are passionate about the place, and it’s easy to understand why. It caters for everyone, because there are some of everyone living there. Its energy makes it a thrilling place to live, so be warned - if you’re after a quiet life, Brixton isn’t the place for you!

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