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South London • Kensington
£1550 Average monthly rent Based on 1 properties in Kensington currently on ideal flatmate
Gloucester Road & South Kensington Nearest transport link

Home to some of the most loved museums, you’ve no doubt heard of Kensington. It’s one of the most visited areas of London for its culture – with V&A, Natural History and the Science Museum right on the doorstep, and even walking down the streets, you’ll feel a strong sense of beautiful architecture. The houses are equally gorgeous, with many associating the streets of South Kensington to Paris, for its charm and elegance. It’s fair to say this area is affluent, with wonderful high-end shops, outstanding restaurants and equally stylish hotels to boost. There’s no doubt that Kensington is an elegant part of London, and why it’s one of the most desirable and visited areas.

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