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South London • Peckham
£830 Average monthly rent Based on 5 properties in Peckham currently on ideal flatmate
Peckham Rye / Queens Road Peckham Nearest transport link

Peckham has an energy unlike any other neighbourhood in London. Home to a lively creative community, it’s been branded by some as “the new Shoreditch”. Packed with creativity, culture and great places to have fun, Peckham has so much to offer. Even if you don’t move there, it’s well worth exploring for a day or an evening, just to see what all the fuss is about.

Whilst some grimace about heading “South of the river”, Peckham is not so far south: only about 15 minutes from London Bridge and countless buses from day to night. There’s plenty of delicious restaurants whether you’re looking for concept food or a bite to eat on a budget, and most recently having attracted a slew of innovative restaurants. Peckham has become a major destination among foodies.

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